TECHDAYS B2B 2017 gathers in Aveiro (Portugal) companies from different sectors, entrepreneurs, R&D centres, and general public to exchange ideas, present innovation initiatives and debate the future on several fields. This B2B matchmaking event aims to promote synergies and partnerships in businesses and innovation.
It is an event on TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION based on NETWORKING. It has also an Exhibition area and Workshops devoted to areas where advanced and emergent technology matters such as: ICT, Materials, Habitat, Sea, Energy and Health. it is also a space for Robotics, Gaming, Education and Science.
REGISTRATION on B2B meetings ends at 3/10/2017 and from 4/10 to 11/10 only registered participants can book and accept meetings to happen at 13/10 at the TECHDAYS event.

Bilateral Talks

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  • Meetings Requested324
  • Meetings Accepted156


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City, 3810-155 Aveiro, Portugal